"RRT" Event Photos

Whole Foods at RRT

Nicole Matthews, a Healthy Eating Specialist from Whole Foods attended our July Monthly Meeting. The presentation was fun and informative. Nicole showed us how to incorporate more healthy foods into our daily diet and she also gave out some fun ideas for healthier snacks. Team members helped to prepare all of the food and were able to sample all of the different healthy creations. Nicole also quizzed the group on many different nutrition facts and gave out protein packs as awards for correct answers. This was a great presentation and we look forward to working with Whole food and Nicole again in the near future. Thanks to all that attended and see everyone again in August. 

New Balance Night

The athletes and families from the Road to the Right Track were give a great opportunity to meet athletes from the New Balance Track team. The caoch fror the the team Mr. Matt Duggan introduced the athletes and gave his on experiences on why running has been such an important part of his life. The Runners who spoke were Cory McGee who:

-won first national title in 8th grade, running a 4:49 mile

- won the prestigious Millrose Games Mile during her senior year of high school

- finished third at 2013 US National Championships, qualifying to represent the US team at the World Championships in Moscow

and Liz Costello who:

- 2016 Olympic Trials Qualifier in the 10,000m

- Third place finish at 2012 US XC Championships

- 10 Conference Titles while at Princeton University

All of the Speakers were very inspiring and were more than happy to answer the many questions that were thrown at them.

Special Thanks to Paula Carney who made this visit possible.

Clean Water 6K, Chestnut Hill Reservoir 8/16/2014


This Race was to Raise Money and awareness of the need for better accessibility to clean drinking water. The question that many of us asked at the race was why 6K and not 5K. The answer was stunning, That is the average distance a child has to travel to get clean drinking water each day in an under developed country. This event certainly raised our awareness.

Kenneth Holman also raised our awareness of what a great competitor he is by taking 3rd place overall in this event. Congratulations to Kenneth and to all who participated. Once again everyone who started finished!!

Next up, The Brian Honan Road Race.


Brian Honan Road Race, 2013

This was our first road race. It was a great event and the weather was fantastic. Our athletes had a great showing with over 20 starting and finishing the race along with many parents.

Oak Square "Oaktoberfest" October 2013


Another wonderful fall day and an even bigger turn-out from the team. We had approximately 30 members of the team particpate and once again everone who started the race finished the race. Kenneth Holman came in first for participants in the 18 and under category.

Jingle Bell, December 8th, 2013

A "fun" run organized by the Arthritis Foundation. This was our last race for 2013. Our Team was doing very well until they were given bad directions and were forced to run further than the rest of the particpants. Even with that mishap, we still had trophy winners in the 18 and under category.


PS. The date on the pictures is incorrect. The photographer needs to have a tutorial on his equipment.


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